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Iris Dement, soul of America
Iris Dement More about Iris

"The end of democracy and the defeat of the American Revolution will occur when government falls into the hands of lending institutions and moneyed incorporations."

Thomas Jefferson

Class Warfare, waged by the rich

11.22.2011 "What in the fuck do you honestly say to justify using pepper spray on motionless seated people using passive resistance."

... so said AirPillo at boingboing.net/2011/11/18/police-pepper-spraying-arrest.html 2 days ago. The comments on that page reflect for the most part some of the most intelligent and revealing signs that a gelling of purpose for OWS is occurring as it endures one shameful incident of police brutality after another. Obviously these are planned attacks by whoever is giving the police orders, the cops aren't just spontaneously deciding on their own to bring fire-extinguisher sized pepper sprayers to assault people with. They are following orders, like police do. The following video has lit a firestorm and is the one they are commenting about:

Harry Belafonte Totally Gets It

John Stewart nails the problem perfectly

Watch both videos to understand the driving forces behind most of the problems we face in America and worldwide. John Stewart is brilliant and his parody brilliantly exposes the reality we live even though that reality is often hidden or obscured.

So what do we do now?

There is no question that for at least some of us it is a fight for our very lives, for we are up against a mass psychopathic mentality that would go so far as to deny healthcare to their own fellow Americans, preferring that they should suffer like wounded animals in the woods if it would cost them an extra dime in taxes to care for them properly. Every man for himself and let the women and children beware is their motto apparently, as if they're some kind of throwbacks to animalistic Stone Age times. But we have to deal with them, so deal we shall.

This web site is inspired by and dedicated to Iris Dement, hoping against hope that the compassion and humanity she personifies still exists in the hearts of sufficient numbers of Americans that we may yet reverse our country's accelerating social decay and ignominy. We sabre-rattle our weapons of mass destruction for political and military purposes to threaten the entire world, building up tensions and hatreds as we throw our weight around imperialistically in foreign places we have no legitimate business to be in. We support some dictatorships while we condemn others for being dictatorships, we condemn other nations for developing WMDs while we possess tens of thousands of them; those and other blatant hypocrisies destroy our credibility and respect worldwide. We all observed the Bush administration go to war against a sovereign state on the basis of nothing more than the dark suspicions of their own paranoia and their secret agenda; no lack of proof of weapons of mass destruction or worldwide opposition has deterred them. They even made torture respectable in some circles, suspended Habeas Corpus, and discarded entirely the American principles of due process and rule of law by capturing and holding people indefinitely without trial. Sadly, the campaign promises that gave so many Americans hope for change in 2008 have been largely ignored by President Obama and he has allowed America to continue on its dark immoral path, an Empire bent on death, destruction, and dishonor. The fruits of these moral lapses are already coming back to haunt us because they are the best recruiting tool the ghost of Osama bin Laden and his still-living fanatics could ask for: real justification to hate us. Hostile states like North Korea and Iran have scrambled to amass nuclear arsenals to protect themselves from what they must perceive as unprovoked American aggression and readiness to kill many thousands of innocents. A kind of mass blindness to the fundamental immorality of initiating war seems to have infected our nation not unlike the way it infected Hitler's Germany, and much of the world sees America as more dangerous and sinister than the Nazis ever were. Our war criminals not only run free, amazingly they still even maintain credibility in the minds of millions of fearful and hate-filled Americans seemingly oblivious to American values.

The United States of America is not completely committed to the corruption of its core values yet so hope still remains that truth and justice will win out in the end and the well-known perpetrators of our nation's dishonor will all go on trial for war crimes and treason. If not, America appears headed down the road to a police state, and we already see more and more police abuses, more prisons and prisoners, more shattered lives over even the most victimless of crimes. It may get much worse before it gets any better.

The biggest issue we should be concerned about in the long term is nuclear weapons, the worst offenders being America and Russia, followed by China, France, England, Israel, India, and a few more. Pakistan and North Korea have only a few nukes and they don't have good delivery systems yet, so they should not be major causes for concern to Americans right now, but they will be soon unless they too are stopped somehow (unstable Pakistan is not likely to remain an American ally for long). Iran may still be a few years away from building their own nukes but they will probably be smart enough to keep them secret and not use them unless provoked. The problem if it is to be solved must address the worst offenders first, and those are the United States and Russia. If we are ever to expect to actually rid the world of these terrible weapons, we are not only going to have to disarm ourselves, but do it first. If we don't disarm ourselves of weapons of mass destruction we continue to risk their use, it's as simple as that, and it's just a game of chance we hope we never lose. We've been damn lucky so far. It isn't common knowledge how many times we have come close to nuclear war, the many times there have been great risks of a misunderstanding or of poor leadership pushing us over the edge, and if we keep playing nuclear roulette we must eventually experience a losing round.

Iris wrote her stirring anthem Wasteland of the Free well before George Bush Junior got voted President 5 to 4 in a tight election coup d'état (the culprits would like you to forget that the majority of American voters tried to elect the other guy). So her references to preachers and diamond mines might be a little dated, but Iris's timeless wisdom fully applies to today's America, because she speaks from her soul about American values and morality and integrity that seem to be getting as rare and endangered as spotted owls -- and for much the same reasons: greed, callousness, and stupidity. What is so wrong with people that we can be so easily propagandized, why the hell isn't everyone as fed up as Iris with our dangerously amoral leadership in politics, business, and religion? What about you... is your mind open to the evidence and do you care, or are you part of the problem?


They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.
Benjamin Franklin

When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross.

Sinclair Lewis

© 1996 Songs of Iris ASCAP

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